Principal’s Message

I warmly welcome you to the domain of Saraswati Devi International School, Bankura. This school is in the green district of West Bengal & work land of Rabindranath Tagore and his great legacy with legend of History of Malha Dynasty in ancient India. Blended with the concept modern teaching style & methods with values of life skills with support of an experienced and trained support team, we are able to nurture all students in different mapping scales.

We do not Just Teach but Create Learners. We are not an Industry where manufacturing takes place, but a follow concept of Creation, Differently with Freedom of development.

"Every corn has its own puffing time". All flowers of a single plant even don't bloom at one time. If at all, the shape and size may differ. Believe in power of TIME and have patience to enjoy the spring.

With a revolutionary dream "Education is not just the need of the time & society but should be the Priority" I with my entire team am committed to chase unless it is achieved. I do not feel regretted in failing to achieve and keep on retrying again & again, unless the goal is fully achieved.

I would request all parents to gift their children with their "Time" Dash Mrs. Sudipta Sarkar that by far remains the best present. I always lay emphasis on the importance of your "Presence" rather than "Presents" and I would like to stress upon the significance of quality time spent together. As sensible parents, we should not burden the children with their own patronizing ambitions and longings. Children in all honesty want supportive hands that can assist them to identify their own latent talent and groom them to be what they wish to be. For this purpose I request you to partner with us and join hands to provide our children with effective tools of learning that help them to make their own identity rather than be predecessors of geniuses.

I am very proud to be the PRINCIPAL of this school.